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Personal Projects

Illustration, Typography & Animation for my Social Media Channels

From time to time, I enjoy creating stuff just for fun. They are often inspired by my mood, things happening in my day-to-day life or world events. Executions include everything from lino prints to traditional media (sometimes turned into gifs) or digital illustrations that often incorporate hand typography. If you want to see more of these personal projects, you can follow me on Instagram.

While most illustrators believe that they should find their unique personal style, develop it and make a name for themselves using only that specific style, I believe in playing with different styles.


I love experimenting and creating a unique style for each job, depending on the message I (or clients) want the work to convey. There's never any need to confine yourself to limitations set out by conventional thinking. 

Alicia van Zyl is a graphic designer, illustrator and typographer. In that order, because it's alphabetical and she’s also a little OCD.